I need to share some information with you that is hard, but it’s a reality that we are facing. If you’ve skimmed everything else in our Autumn blog, I’d like to ask you to take a moment to pause with this one. I’d like to invite you to get your cup of coffee, go to your prayer spot, and give this message a careful reading, because the situation I describe is critical.

In previous posts I have often shared about and made appeals related to needs for personnel, whether students or others, or financial needs, as well as favours and any number of special requests. Those were all important and needful issues, which we had to face, and many of you helped us in that regard. Thank you.

What I share with you now is much more serious. We are in a critical situation, which could have serious implications both short-term and long-term for our entire organisation and ministry.

Every organisation has essential needs and critical functions, without which they simply couldn’t exist. This is true for Churches, organisations, businesses, missionary agencies like ours, etc. As we are a new organisation in the grand scheme of things (founded in 2016), we have depended on our local personnel to wear numerous “hats’ in order to cover even the basics of these critical functions for Linguæ Christi. With some occasional assistance from volunteers from afar, we’ve been able to do enough to keep the ship afloat and bit more.

However, we have now reached a crisis point. We have been affected by the Pandemic, we have not been able to grow our on-field and volunteer personnel as we had expected, we’ve lost some personnel, and we also have family and other constraints which force our current personnel to stop doing some of these essential roles and critical functions. Simply put—we’re in trouble. I mean we are really in trouble.

I’m not trying exaggerate or be dramatic. I’m just trying to be as honest as I can to say that we’re sinking due to lack of people who can perform some of these critical roles. People who know me, know (1) that I don’t panic easily and (2) I am a planner, usually with a Plan A, B, and C at least. However, if you were to ask me right now what we’re going to do, if we don’t get some help—I honestly have no idea.  Prayer is always our greatest need as a ministry, but neck-in-neck with prayer is the need for people at the moment. We just simply need help, and we need it now.

So, I’m sharing this with you as transparently as I know how, and frankly I’m begging for help. We have some strategic roles that require some people with some specific training and/or skills, though some more than others. All of these are volunteer roles, part-time, and specialised to some extent. Some require a few hours a week others more, others much less (a few hours a month). These could be great for retired people from these areas, or professionals who want to help the work of missions by giving their expertise to help us. We are looking for people, who will also commit to fill a role for one year. Of course it would probably be possible to continue longer, but if we can get people willing to commit for at least a year, it would get us through this most difficult time.

The following is a list of these roles with links to a fuller volunteer description. Would you, PLEASE, consider helping us to let Christians know about these opportunities? Perhaps, you’re the person who could help, or perhaps you know someone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. We are desperately depending on God to provide the people He has to help us. Thank you for joining Him and us in this regard.