Our Vision – By God’s power, we will join Him in bringing glory to Himself through the announcement and expansion of His Kingdom and the making of disciple-making disciples of Jesus among the speakers of the European Indigenous Minority Languages through the medium of their “heart” languages.

Mission Statement – The birth, growth and ongoing reproduction of indigenous, multiplying, self-sustaining, New Testament communities of faith (Churches) in these European Indigenous Minority Languages would be both the natural outcome and evidence of the fulfilment of the Vision. These new communities of disciples would then replicate the Vision and Mission.

Our Name – Linguæ Christi is Latin for “Languages of Christ”. The significance of this name is described in the following three statements:

  • All the language groups of the world are important to Christ.
  • Jesus speaks most deeply and effectively to each person in his or her “heart” language.
  • Consequently, we believe that everyone in the world has the right and need to hear the Gospel in his or her “heart” language.