How God moved in our 2023 Summer Projects

A great deal of my time back in the USA this year and during the Spring back in Wales was dedicated to preparing for the various projects going on this summer. As is our custom for our summer blogposts in the past, we are making these projects a focus this summer. For this reason, I am writing less than I would ordinarily in order to give more room for our project participants to share some of their experiences and what the Lord may have been teaching them during the summer.


Short-term stories: What hineni means to me

This post comes from Sophie who served with us short-term during Summer 2023.

The word hineni is an act of saying “whatever you want from me Lord, I will do it.” It means making yourself fully available to God. This is such a powerful statement because many times this word is uttered before knowing what God is going to ask of us. It is a word of total surrender to God’s will in your life.


Short-term stories: Stirring hearts with music

This post comes from one of our short-term project participants during Summer 2023.

This summer Linguae Christi hosted a youth choir from Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Around 160 youth and sponsors toured North Wales to sing in chapels, schools, and concert venues. Through singing, they had the opportunity to share about the love of Jesus and how He had changed their lives.