Director’s Update — April 2022

I open this month’s update a little differently than previous months. Since I last shared with you, I have been doing a great deal of travelling. Consequently, I once again say, “Greetings from Wales!” I am happy to have made the journey with pretty much no hiccups to speak of. The Lord was gracious to me in this regard. Everything worked as it was supposed to. I was met by a Welsh friend, who kindly gave me a lift from the ferry port in Holyhead to my home for the next few months, whilst I look for a more permanent home (see below). I am greatly blessed and grateful.


Pray for a home in Northwest Wales

I have a rather big and personal prayer request to share at this time. As many of your may know, last summer (2021) I lost the rental property in Talysarn, which had been my home since my return to Wales in 2017. It was simply a matter of the landlords’ wanting to sell the property (it is definitely a “sellers’ market” in Northwest Wales at the moment).


Director’s Update — October 2021

Greetings! I hope this note finds you well. After taking a bit of a break during August, I’m returning in earnest to catch I hope that your Autumn has gotten off to a good start. It has been a very busy time for me personally as well as everyone on the Team. Let me catch you up on some things going on with me, as well as the ministry as a whole.

As of 4 October, I have been re-located in the USA. I had an uneventful flight from Dublin to Chicago on the 4th, then later that evening took the night train down from Chicago to Memphis, Tennessee, when I was kindly given a lift to Waynesboro, TN, and where my mother lives.


Director’s Update — September 2021

Greetings! I hope this note finds you well. After taking a bit of a break during August, I’m returning in earnest to catch you up on a few big things going on at this time in our ministry in general and some of those things that are specific to me personally.

Even though we were taking a bit of a break in August when it comes to our newsletter and blog, there have been some BIG developments since my last update, some good and some a definite request for prayer. So, let’s jump right in.


John moves house to the U.S. for six months

Some people speak of saving “the best for last.” However, in this case, I’ve saved the most bizarre for last. I’ve had two major “transitional” and largely unforeseen issues to arise. About the time I finished my last update at the end of July, I heard that my landlords wanted to sell the house that I was renting, which meant that they were needing it back. Under COVID rules, I actually had six months to move out. However, I already knew that I was going to leave at the end of September/beginning of October for my six months living out of Wales. So, this factor forced me to try to be out of the property by mid-September. Consequently, for most of August we unexpectedly had the gargantuan task of moving everything out of the current property.