Greetings from sunny California! As 2022 continues to move forward, at some times seeming like a bulldozer and at others standing still, we continue to seek the Lord and His will and guidance for these times that are both pregnant with purpose and opportunity as well as uncertain and fraught with difficulty.  

Given all my travel, speaking engagements, and meetings, it has been a very busy month. I will share a bit with you now both on what has been going on with me personally, as well as the Team and the ministry.  

Personal Update

Last month, I gave you a picture of my schedule until my planned return to Wales. As you will remember from my update last month, I have been travelling since the end of January and pretty much for the entirety of February. I’ll say more about this time below.  

As I have been perpetually travelling, I’ve not had much opportunity to connect with my family directly during this time. I have enjoyed calling my mother pretty much everyday to check on her. My sister in Arkansas has also been able to visit her a couple of times, since I’ve been away. I appreciate your ongoing prayers for my family, particularly my mother. I also appreciate my Christian friends, who live near my mother and are so gracious to help her with various needs that she might have.  

I sort of thought that being out West would be better for my sinuses/allergies, given the drier air. However, as it happens, the sinuses and allergies have been dialled to 11, since hitting Texas back in January, and progressively worse as I’ve continued to points further west. It’s even gone into a bit of laryngitis. Prayers for recovery from these problems would be greatly appreciated, so that I might finish my time out here well.    

My personal ministry over the past month and a half has been primarily tied to my travels out West, where I am (California) even as I write this update.  There are many stories to share, so much so that I’ve made separate posts where you can read about my time in Texas and California, my plans to return to Wales, and an appeal to join us this summer in Europe.