The Celts have often been heralded as the saviours of the Western world for the writings, traditions and practices they preserved and maintained during the collapse of the Roman Empire. Today they still inspire through contemplative “Celtic” Christianity as well as through the revival of pagan traditions. There are roughly 3,000,000 speakers of Celtic languages across three primary nation-states in Western Europe.

The Celtic Languages

People groups who speak Celtic languages

Below are two of the seven people groups who speak a Celtic language. Are you interested in one of the other five? Perhaps you’d be willing to help us complete the profiles for those people groups.

Cymry Cymraeg

Welsh speakers in Wales

Communities of Welsh speakers exist in Wales, England and Argentina. Linguæ Christi began in Wales and Caernarfon remains the hub for our work and activities.

Na Gàidheil

Scottish Gaelic speakers in Scotland

Scottish Gaelic, as the name implies, is spoken in Scotland. Linguæ Christi has had limited work among Scottish Gaelic speakers, but we’d like to send a long-term team to reconnect with partners.

Short-term projects | Celtic Languages

Brezhoneg Media Team

This media team will tell the story of Breton speakers in Brittany in France through the collection of visual media resources, both still and video. Learn more.

4 June – 4 July 2022

Gàidhlig Golfing Team

This team will be using common interests in golfing to begin conversations and develop relationships with Gaelic speakers in Scotland. Learn more.

9 July – 8 August 2022

Cymraeg Festival Team

This team will attend the most important festival in Welsh-speaking Wales to engage people in missional conversations. Learn more.

9 July – 8 August 2022