This team will attend the most important festival in Welsh-speaking Wales, assisting national ministries and engaging in missional conversations.
27 July – 12 August 2024

Project Description

This project will bring participants to the most important annual Welsh cultural event, which draws 150,000+ visitors each year and has a 1000-year history. Though the event attracts Welsh-speakers (and visitors) of all ages, there is a special area with events designed specifically for young people (16-30-years-old). This includes concerts of various genre and other parties and events. The young people stay in a field in tents (camping). The atmosphere is very much like a Rock-music festival (a bit of a Woodstock feel). This team will befriend their peers around them. Additionally, this Team will assist Welsh-speaking Evangelicals with their various ministries to the young people, The assignment will begin with orientation/training, followed by two weeks of super intensive Welsh language instruction.

This team is for mature students.

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Project Details

Affinity Celtic
Location Wales
Focus_People_Group Cymry Cymraeg
Country United Kingdom
Trade_Language English
Category Missional
#_of_people 10
Cost £940