Solomon said, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Learning, information, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are essential elements in life, especially the life of a follower of Jesus. We at Linguæ Christi believe that these elements are also essential in helping us fulfil the missionary calling and mandate that God has given to us to take the Gospel to speakers of indigenous minority languages in Europe through the medium of their heart languages. Furthermore, in order to bring other believers from around the world along with us in the fulfilment of this vision, we must be able to articulate and share this knowledge with others in effective means, which both educate and motivate God’s people to action for the sake of His glory and the joy of these European people groups, who have been largely overlooked in terms of missionary engagement.

This summer we will be holding virtual student missions that include in-depth missiological training, spiritual formation, language study, and the creation of real-world resources that will aid us in the pursuit of the Linguæ Christi’s mission. Our focus will remain on equipping teams of students to use their God-given talents, skills, and training in the pursuit of seeing His Kingdom come in Europe.

Simply put, we need students who can do a little digging for us for information which will then be prepared and presented. Though students concentrating in fields like linguistics, journalism, creative writing, and sociology might be helped by those areas of study, at the end of the day, anyone who at some point in his or her academic careers has researched a topic and written a paper about it would fit well with these assignments.

Linguistic affinity profile developers

The 165+ European indigenous minority languages, which form the focus of our mission, are organised by their linguistic affinity into 12 large groups of languages, which we call our Linguistic Affinity Groups (LAG). We need a team of students for the Linguistic Affinity Development Team to research, enhance and develop profiles for each of these LAGs, which would then be used in our various media platforms.

People group profile developers

We are also looking for Christian students who will join our People Group Development Team and research, enhance and develop similar profiles for each, individual language and people group. Again, there are 165+ for them; so, we need a LOT of students working on this one.

Missions and missiology researchers

We are looking for a large number of Christian students who will join our Missions Research Team to explore certain topics and areas related to missions and missiology. These topics are divided into two broad categories of subjects: (1) topics which will help us on-the-ground to be more effective in reaching these people groups with the Gospel, and (2) topics which will help us to communicate more clearly to the worldwide Christian community the nature and purpose of our mission. Each sub-team will work collaboratively on its particular research topic and produce a 3000-word paper outlining the results of their research. Though a background in missiology or linguistics is certainly helpful, it’s not required, as long as the students have some experience in preparing and writing papers.

Digital mobilisers for universities

For the Mobilisation Research Team, we are looking for Christian students who can easily make their way around the internet specifically to find and organise information which would be of assistance to our mobilisation efforts.