This team will be using common interests in skateboarding to begin conversations and develop relationships with Welsh speakers in Wales.
31 May – 1 July 2024

Project Description

This team would be staying in Caernarfon, which is a specifically Welsh-speaking area, and seeking to develop friendships with Welsh speakers. Through common interests in skateboarding and/or similar recreation, students will build relationships and foster spiritual conversations with Welsh speakers of similar interests.

This team is ideal for people with a background and/or interest in skating/sport/recreation, who can use these interests/talents as a natural connection point with Welsh speakers.

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Project Details

Affinity Celtic
Location Wales
Focus_People_Group Cymry Cymraeg
Target_Language Cymraeg (Welsh)
Country United Kingdom
Trade_Language English
Category Missional
Dates 31 May - 1 July 2024
#_of_people 4
Gender Male
Cost £1,540