This team will be using common interests in art, photography, music and dance to begin conversations and develop relationships with Welsh speakers in Wales. There is an option to extend this project for an additional month.
31 May – 30 June 2025

Project Description

This team will be staying in a specifically Welsh-speaking area to learn about the language and culture while making friendships with Welsh speakers. Through common interests in the creative arts, this team will build relationships and foster spiritual conversations with Welsh speakers of similar interests.

This team is ideal for people with a background or interest in the art, photography, music and/or dance who can use these interests and talents as a natural connection point with Welsh speakers. This is a very independent project. Those who require a great deal of direct supervision or instruction should not consider this assignment.

There is an option to extend this project for an additional month (31 May – 28 July 2025).

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Project Details

Affinity Celtic
Location Wales
Focus_People_Group Cymry Cymraeg
Target Language Cymraeg (Welsh)
Country United Kingdom
Trade Language English
Category Missional
Dates 31 May — 30 June 2025
#_of_people 4
Cost £1,540
Application_Deadline 1 March 2025