This ministry leadership team will receive training to lead various short-term projects in North Wales.
31 May – 29 July 2024

Project Description

The Ministry Leadership Team will receive special training in order to lead various short-term projects  North Wales. These short-term projects will have a special emphasis on prayerwalking/narrative mapping/missional interaction/friendship evangelism/interest-based (basketball, creative arts, and recreation) community outreach. The Ministry Leadership Team will receive intensive training in the Welsh language (more than for most other teams, as ALL Linguæ Christi personnel receive some form of intensive language study during orientation), as well as prayerwalking/narrative mapping, Linguæ Christi overall strategy, logistics (including all public transport options), and missional approaches. This Team will then use their training to prepare and lead the various short-term teams (mentioned above). This assignment requires students with maturity (not necessarily determined by years), leadership skills, and a background in logistics/accounting/planning would also be very helpful. Finally, this Team due to the intensive nature of the assignment would be ideal for students, who have formerly served with the Linguæ Christi and demonstrated these skills. However, previous experience with the Linguæ Christi is NOT necessarily a requirement for this Team.

Project Details

Affinity Celtic
Location Wales
Focus_People_Group Cymry Cymraeg
Target_Language Cymraeg (Welsh)
Country United Kingdom
Trade_Language English
Category Leadership
Dates 31 May - 29 July 2024
#_of_people 6
Cost £2,725