Today one of our team members is travelling to join us long-term here in Wales. We’re excited to welcome her, it’s a plan years in the making that’s now coming to fruition. Our feelings include excitement, thankfulness and expectancy. But it’s a hard road during the best of circumstances, and the pandemic still grips most of Europe

Please continue to pray for the transitions that are ahead. For the 14 days spent in quarantine. For the search for a car, a home and a neighbourhood. For the paperwork involved in maintaining a visa. For language school, and the transition into a new culture at every point of her contact with other people—us included.

But even in the midst of these prayers, give thanks to God for how He is at work. Sometimes quietly for months on end, but faithful at each step of the way.

The Lord is good;
his love is eternal
and his faithfulness lasts forever.

Psalms 100:5 (Good News Translation)