Linguæ Christi was expecting two new additions to our team in Wales this spring who have been delayed due to travel restrictions. This has been a challenge to our team in Europe as well as to those who had expected to arrive and have since been forced to delay their plans. The journey to service in cross-cultural missions is often a long one punctuated by surprises and setbacks at the best of times.

Here’s what Brittany had to say:

This may sound silly or even selfish, but in this season, I wondered if God forgot about me. I wouldn’t be upset if He did (there’s a list of other major events happening in today’s world.) However, in my wondering something beautiful has happened. In the midst of all of these events God has reminded me of his love and that He still offers salvation. He has answered my prayers. He has given gifts I wasn’t expecting. He has showed me that He is still at work in my conversations. He has offered me grace when I didn’t deserve it and He has been present when I needed a listening ear.