Ministry across Europe, Autumn 2022

Since the last series of blogposts, I’ve been doing a good bit of travel. Travelling and connecting with current and potential ministry partners in Europe have always been a bit part of my job in my role with Linguæ Christi—the networking and mobilisation role. During the Pandemic, much of that kind of travel simply was not possible. Consequently, now that things are opening up again, I’m trying to make up for lost time with a bit of a “vengeance,” as they say. There are three areas of travel to note for you.


How you can help our mission at the end of 2021

For this month, my appeal is really more of a reminder.


Last month, I shared a document that had a few, priority needs in our ministry for funding. I would just like to call your attention once again to the first two items on that list, namely the Basque project and also the Kent Burchyett Missions Scholarship Fund. We have rather urgent and substantial financial needs in these two areas. Please, prayerfully consider giving and/or passing along these needs to others. Again, here is the updated version of the PDF List.


Kent Burchyett Missions Scholarship Fund

brown wooden bridge over river

Last month we also received some very sad news. Our good friend and former mission colleague, Kent Burchyett, passed away from complications of COVID-19. Kent served with us in Wales for three years in the early 2000s. His love of the Welsh people and their language was well-known, and he never lost his ability to speak Welsh fluently. While serving in pastoral ministry in the USA, he continued to pursue his love and calling for world missions through his involvement in mission projects in Wales, China, Czech Republic, and other areas.