Sprachspielen: Action

The following article reflects the personal opinion of John Robinson and does not necessarily reflect the position of the Trustees, Staff/Personnel and Ministry Partners of Linguæ Christi.

As I began my February edition of Sprachspielen, I did so with the intention of writing just a very few, short lines explaining that I had taken a bit of a hiatus from this editorial in January and February due to my intensive travel and networking schedule during the corresponding period of time. I had also planned to mention my intention to continue in March the theme in Sprachspielen that I began back in November.


Sprachspielen: Hiatus

I have sometimes been told that I have a gift for stating the obvious. When I set about to share a bit in this month’s edition of Sprachspielen, I had decided simply to state something that was probably already obvious to you, but I thought I should state it anyway and also give a reason for the situation, even though the reason too might be obvious. As you probably could tell, I’ve taken a bit of a “hiatus” from the Sprachspielen editorials in January and February of this year.


Sprachspielen: Legacy

I realise that in the November editorial I began the first of a few instalments, looking at concepts and principles which are tied to the word “language” and its permutations. However, as this month’s instalment of Sprachspielen falls in December, which is dominated by thoughts and celebrations of Christmas and looking forward to the New Year, I am going to take a brief pause from looking at the theme, which we started last month.