Short-term stories: Stirring hearts with music

This post comes from one of our short-term project participants during Summer 2023.

This summer Linguae Christi hosted a youth choir from Dawson Memorial Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Around 160 youth and sponsors toured North Wales to sing in chapels, schools, and concert venues. Through singing, they had the opportunity to share about the love of Jesus and how He had changed their lives. 


Ministry across Europe, Autumn 2022

Since the last series of blogposts, I’ve been doing a good bit of travel. Travelling and connecting with current and potential ministry partners in Europe have always been a bit part of my job in my role with Linguæ Christi—the networking and mobilisation role. During the Pandemic, much of that kind of travel simply was not possible. Consequently, now that things are opening up again, I’m trying to make up for lost time with a bit of a “vengeance,” as they say. There are three areas of travel to note for you.


Ministry in Wales, Autumn 2022

I had a couple of very good and instructive opportunities during the month of September. First, we had a site team from Dawson Baptist Church in Alabama to visit with us. We’re planning for them to bring a large youth choir (about 150 people, including adults) to North Wales in summer 2023. It’s a huge project, but we’re very excited about it.