This role would be suitable for students looking for a broad perspective to Linguæ Christi’s work in Wales during our summer exchange programme.
31 May – 29 July 2024

Project Description

This internship is a part of Linguæ Christi’s missions exchange programme and provides direct experience of Linguæ Christi’s work in Wales and our summer exchange programme. Participants will shadow staff and gain a broad perspective of our work in Wales. This missions intern would ideally be someone, who has served with the Linguæ Christi in Wales previously for at least one summer with a knowledge of the area and developing skills with the language. This

Project Details

Affinity Celtic
Location Wales
Focus_People_Group Cymry Cymraeg
Target_Language Cymraeg (Welsh)
Country United Kingdom
Trade_Language English
Category Missional
Dates 31 May - 29 July 2024
#_of_people 3
Gender Male
Cost £2,520