This team will explore the Basque Country in Spain to meet Basque speakers and perform initial research, media collection, prayer and missional conversations. Linguæ Christi has established partners here and wants to support and expand their work.
31 May – 1 July 2024

Project Description

This team will be focusing on Basque speakers in the Basque Country within Spain. This is a very independent project. Those who require a great deal of direct supervision or instruction should not consider this assignment.

Linguæ Christi has embraced the calling of addressing the spiritual needs of speakers of ALL the indigenous, minority languages in the European/Eurasian context (from Portugal in the West to Siberia in the East). Much as we have done among speakers of Celtic languages for the past 20 years, we intend to begin new work with other European minority languages groups. Over the next 2–5 years specifically, it is our desire to open new work in at least two to three new areas. To begin this work, we want to send some specialised teams of students to do some initial exploring in those areas and among those languages groups.

For more information about the different aspects of Discovery Teams—research, media collection, prayer and missional conversations—visit our Discovery page.


As the trade language in Spain is Spanish (Castilian), it would be very helpful and advisable if interested students (1) already possessed some good proficiency in Spanish before arrival (level A2 or higher), or (2) would be willing to commit to go through our “crash-course” (free and by distance learning) in Spanish before arrival on field. No knowledge of Basque is required or expected before arrival, as an intensive introduction to Basque will be offered as part of the initial, on-field orientation.

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Project Details

Affinity Ibero-Romance
Location Basque Country
Focus_People_Group Euskaldunak
Target_Language Euskara (Basque)
Country Spain
Trade_Language Spanish
Category Discovery
Dates 31 May - 1 July 2024
#_of_people 4
Cost £2,120
Application_Deadline 1 March 2024