For a while now, you’ve heard us talk about what we were calling our “1-Hour Missions Conference.” This was the idea of our partners at First Baptist Church of Orange Park, Florida (FBCOP). They suggested that we put a programme together about the work of Linguæ Christi, which would serve as an introduction of this ministry to Churches and believers primarily in North America. You’ve seen us speak about this several times over the past couple of months, as we all have been working hard on it. Well, the good news is that we have finished the programme now. It was all done remotely, over two Continents, several countries, and even several languages: English, Welsh, Ladin, Galician, and Basque, which is why it took a bit of time to finish it.

The first ever live broadcast of the 1-Hour Missions Conference was hosted by FBCOP on their Facebook page on November 17th at 2 PM (EST). If you missed this first broadcast and would still like to see it, don’t worry. FBCOP will keep it up on their site for a while. Also, we at Linguæ Christi will also host a live broadcast on our Facebook page in the very near future (watch our social media for more information). We are also hoping that Churches/Campus Ministries/Missions Organisations/etc., who partner with us closely, will also be willing to host a live broadcast for their people and usual audience, sometime over the next few weeks and months. So, please, keep your eyes and ears open to find out where you can experience our 1-Hour Missions Conference at “a theatre near you,” (in other words, on Facebook).

Host our Mission Conference on your Facebook page

Linguæ Christi will be hosting a broadcast on our Facebook page in the near future.

However, in order to share this information with as broad an audience as possible, we decided that it would be better to have multiple broadcasts, hosted by multiple parties, rather than just 1 or 2 broadcasts, where we invite everyone to show up, if they can. In this way, a local Church, or Campus Ministry, Missions organisation, or ministry can broadcast the programme themselves in the hope that they would be able to share more effectively with their existing people and audience. Right now, we’re simply wanting to connect with those Churches and groups in the USA especially, who would be interested and willing to host a broadcast of the 1-Hour Missions Conference. .

If your Church, Campus ministry, Association, Organisation, Group, etc. (with a Facebook page) would like to host a premiere on your group’s Facebook page, please, contact us here: [email protected]. We’ll let you know exactly how you can do that, and it should be pretty easy to do.