Christmastime in Wales brings many traditions that we enjoy and music tops our list, as it does throughout the year. Two musical traditions that we dip in and out of each Christmas include the Welsh hymn tradition and plygain, traditionally a service where songs in three-part harmony are sung in the wee hours of Christmas morning. Here’s a good example of plygain below:

We wanted to share with you some of what we’ve sung together this Christmas. The pandemic has kept most of our Christmas services and celebrations online rather than in person, and the one benefit is that many more can hear and take part than would normally fit in the building!

We consider it a privilege to take part in these traditions ourselves. In a way, the songs we sing mirror how we see our role in the Church as cross-cultural workers. To be sure, we have a vision from God to see people come to know Him where we live, but instead of imposing our agenda on people here, we try to adopt a posture of humility. Thought I’ll admit, sometimes we’re more successful than at other times! The one question we ask ourselves over and over again is: where is God at work and how is He inviting us to join Him?

This is one way that we’ve joined in God’s work this Christmas season. And we continue to seek and to pray now about where He’s inviting us next. In the meantime, check out Caersalem’s YouTube channel for more of the music that the church has been creating this year.