We have some positive developments, but also prayer requests related to a couple of new personnel to serve with us on the Team, currently in Wales. Thank you for praying for their transitions and settling. I would also ask you, please, to pray for all of us here during January as we are praying, evaluating, and seeking God’s direction and will for the work and focus of Linguæ Christi for the rest of 2021.

I mentioned Harley before to you. She arrived toward the end of last year and is settling in. There is a point of praise and also ongoing prayer. She has been able to find a house to rent in an ideal area, where we all live and minister. Hopefully, she will be able to move in mid-January. This is a big point of praise, as the rental housing market in the area is pretty limited and what there is goes quickly. But it is also a prayer request especially for moving into the new property, because everything is simply made more complicated due to the severe restrictions of the lockdown at present. Please, pray that Harley will be able to move in without any issues.

I am also pleased to say that there is good news about another person, Brittany, who is coming to serve with us for about a year. The good news is that she has finished her fundraising and her visa to join us in the UK has been approved. There remains, however, great need for your prayers with her situation. Again, everything is extremely difficult at the moment with the lockdown restrictions, and there are a lot of logistics that need to come together, which must all conform to these rules. This affects when/if she can get a flight in a timely manner, even after she has her visa, quarantine and testing rules for entering the UK, housing, transport, navigating ministry in the middle of a lockdown, etc. Please, keep her and us in your prayers, as we continue to work through these things.