Sprachspielen: Action

The following article reflects the personal opinion of John Robinson and does not necessarily reflect the position of the Trustees, Staff/Personnel and Ministry Partners of Linguæ Christi.

As I began my February edition of Sprachspielen, I did so with the intention of writing just a very few, short lines explaining that I had taken a bit of a hiatus from this editorial in January and February due to my intensive travel and networking schedule during the corresponding period of time. I had also planned to mention my intention to continue in March the theme in Sprachspielen that I began back in November.


Sprachspielen: Hiatus

I have sometimes been told that I have a gift for stating the obvious. When I set about to share a bit in this month’s edition of Sprachspielen, I had decided simply to state something that was probably already obvious to you, but I thought I should state it anyway and also give a reason for the situation, even though the reason too might be obvious. As you probably could tell, I’ve taken a bit of a “hiatus” from the Sprachspielen editorials in January and February of this year.