The Missional Entrepreneurship branch of Linguæ Christi aims to bless indigenous minority language groups through business and entrepreneurship by establishing social enterprises as well as provide business mentorship and training for charitable purposes.

Pairing the business world and missions may at first seem counter-intuitive. However, we wholeheartedly believe business is integral to seeing the love of Christ shared with our people groups. We aim to use entrepreneurship as a vehicle to bless each indigenous minority language group in Europe. Social enterprises, or non-for-profit businesses, will not only create funds to use for our work, but will also bless locals through building and sustaining community. We will also provide mentorship and training to those seeking to use business as a way to bless their communities.

Our first project: Patro

Patro is a social enterprise coffee shop for the Cymry Cymraeg in North Wales. We are still in the early stages of this project.

As a charity and coffee shop, our primary aim is to bless the Cymry Cymraeg through sharing the love of Christ. We will do this through creating a space for three elements to come together: faith, community, and social well-being, through the medium of craft coffee and by the inspiration of the Christian faith.

The marketplace reveals an opportunity to bless the Cymry Cymraeg in a business setting. It is very common for people in the North Wales area to go out with their families and friends to get a hot drink and a cake. Why not use this tradition to build community, serve high quality drinks, and bless the community with the profits we make?

That is exactly what will do with Patro. The word “patro” is a word local to Caernarfon. Its meaning is captured well in this quote by Donald Miller in his book Scary Close, “Sometimes the real bonding happens in conversations about nothing… sometimes being willing to talk about nothing shows how much we want to be with each other. And that’s a powerful thing.”

This coffee bar will be a vehicle to bless the Cymry Cymraeg by creating positive community that will stay true to the local Welsh identity. We will invest our profits in local charitable projects and further a social enterprise movement among indigenous minority language groups in Europe. Alongside day-to-day business, we will host a diverse social events calendar that includes philanthropic outreach initiatives. By working in the marketplace, we receive validity and position to positively influence and bless the Cymry Cymraeg of North Wales.

As a social enterprise, one half (50%) of Patro’s profits will be invested in ‘doing good’ in local communities. The other half (50%) of our profits will be invested in creating and supporting new and existing social enterprises that also further the aims of Linguæ Christi.

How You Can Get Involved

We need charitable donations of £32,000 from individuals, churches, organizations, and grants to see this project happen. Will you consider investing in this project? Please contact us if you would like to know how you can be involved in this way.

Please keep us in your prayers as we work very hard to bless the Cymry Cymraeg through Patro.