photo of library with turned on lights

Solomon said, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Learning, information, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are essential elements in life, especially the life of a follower of Jesus. We at Linguæ Christi believe that these elements are also essential in helping us fulfil the missionary calling and mandate that God has given to us to take the Gospel to speakers of indigenous minority languages in Europe through the medium of their heart languages. Furthermore, in order to bring other believers from around the world along with us in the fulfilment of this vision, we must be able to articulate and share this knowledge with others in effective means, which both educate and motivate God’s people to action for the sake of His glory and the joy of these European people groups, who have been largely overlooked in terms of missionary engagement.
All of Linguæ Christi’s projects this summer are designed to help us to communicate well with people, both with Christians around the world as we invite them to pray, serve, and give, and with those who do not yet know Jesus as saviour, that we might share His Gospel more clearly with them.